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Here's one of those "Meet the Artist" things:

You probably can't guess my favorite color.I like to spend my free time making and playing cute and twisted games, watching anime, safely harassing my hamster, fangirling about literally anything, and reading articles about psychopathy. If you couldn't tell, I'm also a bit wordy, hehe.This is my fun space! This is not my portfolio (but I mean, it could be; it has all of my work so far.) In real life, a shortened version of my name is Car, vroom vroom.


Note: I am aware that this is an unsolved problem and real people are affected by it. I am not going to talk about what makes a psychopath. Please make sure to do proper research on the topic to spread rightful awareness, which is what I'm trying to imply I do while incorporating it into my games.Why do some of us LOVE TO HATE TO LOVE some (fictional) characters? What makes them so "charming"? Well, I think I've figured it out, at least for me.This is a specific branch I've been interested in for a while, but I only learned what it was called when I took a class in criminology. It does NOT mean I like or admire psychopaths in real life... Rather, I am extremely interested in learning the reasons that bring them to become the way they are; it is still unclear to this day. Deep analysis is required to figure out why some people are like this... That's why it's so fascinating!!!(Hint: I like to keep it in mind when I make games.)


I feel like my username sounds a bit childish, but MintGlow was the name of my first character; being the catalyst for my love of all things art, games, and story, I decided to keep it!Pleased to meet you. I can get a little busy because of college, but feel free to talk to me about anything :D

Why do you do what you do? What are the games about?

You may already know I make games, particularly visual novels, but why?Think about when you were a kid, and no, I'm not going to talk about dreams.As a kid, you want to COPY things that you THINK are cool.

cool = good = healthy = ethical = right

What if that kid sees something that's actually NOT cool since the presentation and message of what they observed was not clear that it was not cool?I know I could've easily turned into that kid, and maybe I did for a little while. Maybe you're not so different and have seen some of it around too?

kids = us = you = me = society = anyone = everyone

Well, there's your answer.As an indie developer, my mission is to create cute, comedic, dark, and most of all, meaningful games and visual novels with messages about relationships and society I want to see.(An exception is Digit's Dream. You are not supposed to learn anything from it.)I also do it since I simply enjoy drawing pretty stuff, making characters, playing with character dynamics, and practicing twists ;D

Why are the games weird?

... Yes no one has asked this, but I think this sometimes with my past games.I'm still experimenting and learning how to draw and write, but I plan to make a professional visual novel someday! It's a really exciting journey, hehe.You could say The Dose Makes The Poison is a rough draft.

Can I make [insert supportive fan content] of the games/characters?

Yes, if it actually touched you so much that you'd want to do something like this, please do. Make absolutely anything you want.It would bring me eternal and everlasting joy if you show me!!!! (Also make sure to tag it appropriately.)

Not much to see here, yet:

This page is a WIP of their info in Acquiesce (game I'm working on right now); I'd like to add a LOT more in the future! There was more thought put into every single one of them than this...For several years, I did not have a precise story with the first four in mind. I knew I wanted to make something with the quad someday, whether it would be an animation, webcomic, or even a wordy book.I'm glad that it happened to be visual novels and games!

Fritz (Fritter)||Bird||23||He/Him

(Again, this is their info during the time of the third game, Acquiesce.)

If you reach out formally, I'll reply formally. If you reach out casually, I'll reply casually! Honestly, I don't care. Communication is communication.

If I'm not responding right away, I'm either busy or lazy... Apologies in advance!